Indigo News
13 Nov 2013

Indigo 3.6 Release Competition

In celebration of the Indigo 3.6 Stable release we are having a competition that is all about Indigo 3.6! The goal of this competition is to show off the new features in the latest and greatest Indigo release, and entries will be judged by best use of new features. Starting date is Wednesday the 13

13 Nov 2013

Indigo 3.6 Stable released

Glare Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Indigo 3.6 Stable! After a period of intensive development, in which many powerful new features were introduced and the user experience refined, the final stable release is now available. This release is free for all existing Indigo 3.x custo

25 Oct 2013

3ds Max integration greatly improved and extended

IndigoMax, which integrates Indigo Renderer seamlessly into 3ds Max, has seen tremendous progress in the last weeks, with many improvements and bugfixes that make it a joy to use! The primary developer, Jakub Jeziorski, has been doing an amazing job and we'd like to encourage all 3ds Max users in ou

17 Sep 2013

Modelling a pool in SketchUp and Indigo tutorial

We have a new tutorial available: how to model a swimming pool in SketchUp and Indigo. This tutorial shows how to get nice caustics at the bottom of the pool with SketchUp and Indigo. You can read it here.

10 Sep 2013

New Indigo reseller for China and Hong Kong

We have a new Indigo reseller for China and Honk Kong - Mad Macs Technology Distributions Limited. Mad Macs have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, so will be sure to help you out with your Indigo purchase wherever you are in China and Hong Kong. To contact them, use the details

27 Aug 2013

Rebus Renderfarm now supports Indigo

RebusFarm and Glare Technologies are proud to announce that the powerful Rebus renderfarm now supports Indigo Renderer! With the latest Intel Xeon processors and 24GB of RAM per node, even the most challenging render jobs can be easily completed to meet that pressing deadline. For more information,

16 Aug 2013

New compositing with shadow pass tutorial

We have a new tutorial up on how to make a composite image with a foreground alpha render, a shadow pass render, and a background plate. Read it here.

8 Aug 2013

Great new car renders by Oscar Johansson and Arthur Liebnau

We have updated the vehicles gallery with some beautiful new car renders from Indigo users Oscar Johansson and Arthur Liebnau. These renders use the new shadow pass and integrated alpha channel output support in Indigo for compositing against a background image. You can read a bit more about the sha

9 Jul 2013

Weekend House by Heiko Schmidt

Heiko outdid himself with this beautifully crafted weekend house, modeled after this real world weekend house in Bus in the Czech Republic. It's so amazingly detailed and well-lit, it makes you wonder if there is any limit to what a great artist can do given the right tools. (Click for the full-si

3 May 2013

Amazing library shot by Pibuz

Indigo archviz veteran Filippo Scarso (username Pibuz) has, in the great tradition of the "simple" interiors thread, posted an amazingly detailed and realistic shot of a soon to be refurbished and extended public library in Mestre, Venice: (Click for the full-sized image.) The Simple interiors thre