Network Manager and Floating Licenses

Network Manager

The Network Manager makes network rendering with Indigo even simpler and more powerful. The Network Manager acts as a coordinator between computers with scenes to render (masters) and computers dedicated to assisting others with rendering (nodes), ensuring an even distribution of slaves among masters. This happens automatically, dramatically lowering administrative work for large rendering jobs.

With no extra set up effort, network rendering is a real time saver.

An uncluttered view

The network manager lists the currently active slaves and the masters to which they have been assigned, allowing the administrator to monitor how the computational pool is being allocated to render jobs.

Useful information such as the masters' host and user names, and the status of each available network floating licence are available at a glance, with no complicated network settings to worry about.

The Network Manager conveys important information about your network rendering deployment without overwhelming you with details.

Deployment doesn't get any easier

Another important function of the Network Master is managing Indigo Floating Licenses. Floating licences are particularly useful for companies and institutions wanting a number of licences that are not tied to a specific computer.

The Network Manager then acts as a licensing server, allowing a number of computers on the network to accelerate the rendering process without having to worry about licensing details. With the network manager present, starting up a render slave is all you need to do to accelerate your network renders.

Floating Licenses

Floating licences are a simple and effective way to handle licensing in larger deployments. They allow any computer to become fully licensed on a first come, first served basis, with licences distributed by the Network Manager.

This approach offers increased flexibility over the traditional fixed-licensing scheme, where a licence is bound to a particular computer, and is easily deployed: simply start up the Network Master and it will begin licensing computers to participate in a network render.

With no restrictions on which computers can participate in a network render, upgrading and moving a render farm is effortless. It is no more difficult to add a hundred floating licences than a single standard licence: you simply update the licence on your Network Manager.

Purchasing Information

A pool of floating licences can be easily expanded to accommodate increased demand for rendering capacity - for more information, or to purchase floating licences please contact us.