Section planes

Get an inside view

Indigo Renderer features support for section planes, an intuitive and powerful visualisation tool that lets you slice away sections of a model or scene to show an interior view.

Familiar technique given physical realism

GH House courtesy of Ronen Bekerman, scene by Arthur Liebnau

Cut-away drawings are used extensively in architecture and product design to better visualise interior sections which would otherwise be hidden from view.

This familiar illustration device is available in Indigo in the form of section planes, which hide everything behind them to reveal what's in front.

Convenient and lightweight

Example scene from Revit

Section planes are effected in such a way that the scene data isn't actually modified, allowing for quick and painless cut-away imaging with one or more section planes, which can easily be adjusted or disabled.

Section planes are supported in SketchUp, Blender, Cinema 4D and Revit.

Garden Lobby By StompinTom
Garden Lobby By StompinTom