Video Tutorials

SkIndigo (Indigo for SketchUp) Tutorials

SkIndigo Tutorials

Self guided, interactive tutorials for SketchUp.

Blendigo (Indigo for Blender) Tutorials

Grass tutorial

Scattered grass tutorial for Blender and Indigo.

Indigo for Cinema 4D Tutorials

Indigo for Revit Tutorials

Indigo for 3ds Max Tutorials

General Indigo Tutorials

Material editing video tutorials

Video tutorials covering the material types, and how to edit them in the Indigo user interface.

Compositing with shadow pass tutorial

Tutorial on compositing with a background plate, shadow pass, and foreground with alpha.

Compositing your scene into an environment

Tutorial on compositing a background image behind a render using alpha.

IES Lights

Tutorial on the use of IES photometric lighting in Indigo.