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Video Tutorials

General Indigo Tutorials

Basic material editing - covering Diffuse, Phong and Oren-Nayar

Basic material editing - Specular, Glossy Transp. and Diffuse Transmitter

Basic material editing - covering the texture channels

How to create some of the commonly used materials.

Covering the basics of Indigo's different environments and their options

A demonstration of Indigo's different aperture types

Explaining Indigo's subdivision and displacement features

Methods to improve interior render times

A quick overview of region rendering in Indigo

Five methods for preventing fireflies

Indigo for Cinema 4D Tutorials

Cinema for Indigo workflow example using IPR

Indigo for Revit Tutorials

Indigo for Revit introduction

Indigo for Sketchup Tutorials

Indigo for Sketchup - comprehensive tutorials (playlist)

Indigo for 3ds Max Tutorials (coming later)

Indigo for Blender Tutorials (coming later)

Indigo for Maya Tutorials (coming later)