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For unbiased, high performance rendering
Cryptocephalus by Gabich

Indigo for Blender provides visualisation artists with unparalleled image quality and rendering speed. Take your projects to the next level of photorealism, with physically based materials and unbiased rendering.

Key Features

True Physically Based Rendering

Indigo's material models are completely based on the laws of physics. Fresnel reflections are always on and SSS, dispersion and lab-measured metals are just a click away.

With blazingly fast, unbiased GPU and CPU rendering, photorealism has never been easier to achieve.

Light Layers

Indigo lets you edit your lighting by changing colours, temperature and brightness of your light sources - without re-rendering. Create many variants, such as day/night versions, from the same image.

By saving an Indigo Image file, you can revisit finished renderings later and edit the lighting balance, for example with a client.

Subdiv & Displacement

Extremely memory efficient, view dependent subdivision & displacement

Creative lighting

Area and mesh lights, Sun & Sky, HDRI and IES light sources at your disposal.


Easily render trillions of triangles using Indigo instances.


Easy backplate compositing using foreground alpha and shadow catcher.

Indigo Renderer for Windows

Download Indigo Renderer
Indigo for Blender is included in the Windows Indigo Renderer installers.

Indigo RT for Windows

Download Indigo RT
Indigo RT for Blender is included in the Windows Indigo RT installers.

For Apple OS X

Please install Indigo Renderer/RT first.


Online Indigo for Blender Manual
HTML version.


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