Indigo SDK

The Indigo software development kit (SDK) allows you to integrate Indigo Renderer directly into your own software application, using a C++ interface.


Windows - IndigoSDK_4.4.17.7z
You will need 7-zip to extract the archive.

MacOS - IndigoSDK_4.4.17.dmg

Indigo SDK Features

  • Utilise the full power of Indigo from within your own application.
  • All Indigo rendering features supported.
  • Fast, multithreaded CPU rendering.
  • GPU rendering. Uses OpenCL so works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and on AMD, Nvidia and other GPUs.
  • Easy workflow - users need not know anything about the technical details of the rendering solution, simply display the render output from Indigo in your application.
  • Both Indigo Renderer and Indigo RT supported.
  • Access to the Indigo on-line material database - a source for ready-made, high quality materials.


Indigo running on a user's computer with the SDK redistributable libraries acts similarly to standalone Indigo - watermarks will be overlaid on the render output if the user does not have a licence key present on disk. To use the Indigo SDK redistributable libraries without watermarking, the user will need to acquire an Indigo licence. The software developer can operate as a reseller of Indigo licences for this purpose to their users.


Discuss the Indigo SDK on our SDK discussion forum, or contact us at


Please contact us at to discuss Indigo SDK licensing, or if you have any questions.

Integrated rendering with the Indigo SDK in Cinema 4D, scene by Arthur Staschyk
Integrated rendering with the Indigo SDK in Cinema 4D, scene by Arthur Staschyk

Example Indigo Render
Example Indigo Render, render by Zed