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Indigo News


Two more days remaining in extended sale

Written Thursday 14 Jul

Our 33% off sale, celebrating the release of Indigo 3.0 and Indigo RT, will finish in two days, at the end of the 15th of July.
For the next two days, Indigo 3.0 is available for €399 (reduced from €595), and Indigo RT for €99 (reduced from €145).

The sale also applies to the price for upgrading from Indigo 2.0 to Indigo 3.0 - for the next two days, you can upgrade for €145.

To read more about Indigo 3.0 and Indigo RT, visit our announcement post, or to buy Indigo 3.0, Indigo RT, or uprade to Indigo 3.0, visit the store.


Indigo Renderer 3.0 and Indigo RT

Written Tuesday 14 Jun

Glare Technologies is proud to announce the release of Indigo Renderer version 3.0 and Indigo RT. This update brings many usability refinements and improvements to the rendering engine, and to celebrate its release we're running a 33% off sale until 11th of July.

Indigo Renderer 3.0 is a generational improvement on all fronts: real-time scene editing, GPU acceleration, render queue support and many other impressive changes lie under the hood!

Indigo RT is a new rendering solution which delivers unmatched value in the high end rendering market: it is the first robust, truly unbiased and full-featured rendering system available at under €100 (for the duration of the sale; normal price is €145).

For more information about the difference between Indigo RT and Indigo Renderer 3.0, please see our Product Comparison page.

Indigo is developed by Glare Technologies Ltd., a company specialising in high-end 3D visualisation software. Using unbiased, physically-based rendering techniques, Indigo generates images of unparalleled realism and accuracy. Well-known for being both user friendly and extremely powerful, Indigo has become the tool of choice for professionals demanding the highest quality visualisations possible, without having to deal with complicated renderer settings.

Image Credit: Impulse / Heiko Schmidt

Image Credit: Tom Svilans, http://tomsvilans.com/


Indigo Renderer 3.0 Preview

Written Tuesday 17 May

Indigo Renderer 3.0 introduces several next-generation features such as interactive scene editing and camera controls, all powered by a supercharged rendering engine which now supports GPU acceleration for both CUDA and OpenCL.

Seamlessly edit displacement maps and material shaders in the same intuitive interface, while interactively rendering over your local area network. All this and more is possible, without sacrificing the unparalleled image quality for which Indigo is famous.

Join us for this revolution in unbiased, physically-based rendering - demo version available soon!


Indigo Merchandise Store

Written Saturday 19 Feb

By popular demand!
The Indigo Merchandise Store, where you can buy all your cool Indigo threads.

The official Indigo Renderer merchandise store.


The Ranch Renderfarm Blitz

Written Wednesday 9 Feb

The Ranch Renderfarm is running a promotion that gives you 5 minutes for free on their renderfarm. 5 minutes on the Ranch is equivalent to 4 hours on a 12-core/24-thread MacPro or 10 hours on a Core i7 computer.

The Ranch works very well with Indigo, and 5 minutes will likely get you a beautiful clear Indigo render!

The Ranch is running Indigo 2.4 stable and therefore will not yet support 2.6 Beta's glass acceleration. If you have a 2.6.1 exporter be sure to remove this line from any .igs before you send it (Thanks Zom-b).

Visit the Ranch Blitz! for more information.
The Ranch Renderfarm


Winners of Steampunk Competition

Written Wednesday 2 Feb

And here are the winners! We had just 7 entries, but with the incredibly high quality of some of the entries, it was a difficult decision.

1st Place: Solarray
Full 2.0 Licence & Gold forum badge

2nd Place: Camox
Indigo T-Shirt & Node licence & Silver forum badge

3rd Place: Bacon
Indigo T-Shirt & Bronze forum badge

Visit the forum thread here

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who entered!


Artist Feature: Piotr Lusnia

Written Wednesday 12 Jan

An Indigo community heavyweight, Piotr Lusnia, also known as hcpiter on our forum, is the creator of many outstandingly realistic architectural visualisations. Hailing from Poland, Piotr has been a valued forum member since Feb 2010 and kindly agreed to doing this feature.

Read article...

Other artist interviews


Blender World Cup 2010

Written Monday 10 Jan

The BWC2010 has been judged and first place went to dakiru with a remarkable Indigo render. For his effort, dakiru has won a full Indigo licence.

For the rest of the winners visit the BWC 2010

Congratulations to dakiru and rest of the BWC2010 winners.


Artist Feature: Arthur Liebnau

Written Wednesday 8 Dec

We have a new section of the website bringing some new interviews with some of Indigo's hottest artists.

Arthur Liebnau, known in the forum community as Zom-B, has shown himself to be a power user since the earliest days of Indigo's history. His relentless pushing of Indigo's limits has helped it become the powerful rendering engine it is today, and we are indebted to him for the many bug reports and suggestions he has made over the years.

Read the article

Artist interviews page - more coming soon!


The Ranch Renderfarm has upgraded!

Written Wednesday 8 Dec

The new system is 2.5 to 3 times as fast as the 'old' RANCH (which could hardly be considered slow).
- a project which took one hour of render time is now done in around 20-25 minutes.
- we can render super-heavy projects as each RR node has 24 GB RAM.
- the gathering+merging phase is also 2.5 times faster, which means that a full merging from all the RANCH Runner nodes takes 8 minutes with 2 GB IGIs, when it took 20 minutes before.
- the IGI size limit that we can process (2.5 GB) is now increased to 5 GB.

This massive speed increase does not cost more to our customers. In fact on many projects it costs less!

Forum post link
Benchmark info
Ranch Renderfarm newsletter