Indigo News
17 Apr 2013

Shadow pass and alpha compositing

We have introduced some exciting new features for the upcoming Indigo 3.6 release, designed to make compositing renders into photographic environments much easier and more realistic. The first addition is a new shadow pass render mode: The second addition is integrated alpha rendering. When the 'f

8 Apr 2013

Indigo for Cinema 4D review

A fantastic review of Indigo for Cinema C4D has been published on the Czech CG website! (at The author, Pavel Zoch, has kindly translated his conclusions into English: "So, we are at the end, I think. We know almost everything we need to know to start playing with

25 Mar 2013

Fantastic snowscape scene by Kklors

Continuing the amazing daily 3D scenes we reported on earlier, the ever-creative Andre Kostin (aka Kklors) is now doing weekly ones to allow for more polish, and last week's was this fantastic snowscape scene: (click for full resolution image) Be sure to check out his awesome blog here, which inclu

27 Feb 2013

Next Indigo beta to support .HDR format

We have just added support for the RGBE file format, better known simply as HDR files (from the .HDR extension). While Indigo has always supported HDRI data, it could only load the OpenEXR format, with the RGBE format remaining a notable omission for a long time. By popular demand we have finally ad

22 Feb 2013

Imaginative works by Kklors

Indigo user Kklors has been creating astonishing renders using Cinema4D and Indigo. He has posted a selection of them on the Indigo forums. There are even more on his DeviantArt page here: These are some of the most creative, but also technically impressiv

15 Feb 2013

Nature scene by Heiko Schmidt / Impulse

Indigo forum user Impulse has created a wonderfully crisp test render using the new double-sided material introduced in Indigo 3.6 (click to enlarge): For more information on this powerful new material type (and the new coating material!) please see the Indigo 3.6 announcement thread.

25 Jan 2013

Wooden camera

Indigo user Axel Ritter recently posted this this beautiful wooden camera rendering, a perfect example of product visualisation: Click on the image above for the full resolution image.

24 Jan 2013

Electronic gear visualisation

Indigo user Mor4us posted a nice Indigo visualisation of some electronic hardware recently: Click on the image above for the full resolution image.

9 Dec 2012

Thin film interference in Indigo

Now that Indigo 3.4 has officially reached stable status, we're experimenting with new features for Indigo 3.6, the next big release. One of the new additions to Indigo 3.6 will be the coating material. The coating material simulates a thin coating of some kind of material over another material. F

22 Nov 2012

Only two days remain in Indigo sale!

For those of you still looking for cut-price, high-end rendering software: don't forget that our 25-33% off Indigo sale ends in just two days! Until November 23rd, Indigo Renderer will be available for €445 (normally €595), Indigo RT for €99 (normally €145) and Indigo RT to Indigo Renderer u