Indigo News
18 May 2012

2 days remaining in Indigo 3.2 release sale

There are just two days remaining in our 33% off sale, which we are running to celebrate the release of Indigo 3.2. Until the end of May 20, Indigo Renderer will be available for €399 (normally €595), Indigo RT for €99 (normally €145) and Indigo 2.x to Indigo 3.x upgrades for €149 (normall

18 May 2012

Cryptocephalus by Gabich

Indigo user Gabich has created some wonderful renders of the Cryptocephalus beetle, using Indigo. You can read the forum thread here:

25 Apr 2012

Indigo 3.2 Release and Sale

Glare Technologies is proud to announce the release of Indigo Renderer 3.2, the world's most photorealistic rendering system. To celebrate the release of Indigo 3.2, we're running a 33% off sale until the 20th of May! Indigo 3.2 introduces new features such as the groundbreaking new sun & sky sy

18 Apr 2012

Simple interior renderings by dcm and Zom-B

Indigo users dcm and Zom-B posted these "simple" interior renderings in the Simple Renderings Thread (which is notoriously full of not-so-simple renderings). There is also a new spin-off thread, specifically for simple interiors: Simple Interiors Thread (Click on the images for full resolution rende

30 Mar 2012

Woodworked furniture renders by Headroom

Indigo user Headroom has been using Indigo to create wonderful renders of woodworked furniture. The first render is a chair design by David Haig. Read the forum thread here. (Click on the images for full resolution renders) The second design is by Headroom himself: (Read the forum thread here)

26 Mar 2012

Indigo Material Editing Videos

Recently we've been revamping our documentation and tutorials for the release of Indigo 3.2 Stable, which will be released in the coming weeks. As part of this effort we've produced 3 videos illustrating the basics of material editing in Indigo, which you can find on YouTube: Part 1: Diffuse, Phong

27 Feb 2012

Sarah Dorweiler Visualisations

Sarah Dorweiler at Sarah Dorweiler Visualisierungen (Visualisations) has been creating some truly amazing architectural and interior visualisations with Indigo Renderer. Sarah has achieved a remarkable combination of complete photorealism and style in her images, as is evident from her gallery. Clic

24 Feb 2012

Plexiglass Palace

A collaborative work between myself (lycium) and Pasternak on deviantArt, this scene was modelled using Structure Synth and rendered with Indigo Renderer. Click for full 2560x1600 (16:10 aspect) image:

9 Feb 2012

Gritty black & white render, "Decay" by Enslaver

Well-known for his highly enjoyable abstract works, Indigo forum user Enslaver has knocked another one out of the park with his Daz3D modelled + ivy covered composition "Decay." Currently there's a whole page of compliments in the Simple Renders thread just for this one image! Produced with the new

31 Jan 2012

Announcing IndigoMax

In case you missed the announcement on our 3ds Max forum, we have a brand new 3ds Max exporter in development: IndigoMax! Through a partnership with Jakub Jeziorski, a fully native plugin for 3ds Max using the Indigo SDK is being developed to take integration with Indigo to the next level. Early rel