Indigo News
9 Nov 2012

Sale news: free render credit with Ranch!

Glare Technologies, in association with Ranch Computing, is happy to announce €200 free rendering credit on the Ranch render farm with all new purchases of Indigo Renderer, and €50 free rendering credit with all new purchases of Indigo RT. This promotion will be running for the duration of the

5 Nov 2012

Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Glare Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Indigo 3.4 Stable! We'll be running a 25% to 33% off sale until the 23rd of November, during which Indigo Renderer will be priced at only €445 (normally €595), and Indigo RT only €99 (normally €145). Upgrades from Indigo RT to the fu

17 Oct 2012

Realtime camera controls

In case you didn't know, you can move around the scene in realtime in Indigo. It's easy to miss the realtime camera control buttons, as they're quite small. They can be found on the top right of the main render and OpenGL preview windows. You can also move around the camera with keyboard and mouse

18 Sep 2012

Indigo RT to Indigo Renderer upgrades now available on the Glare Technologies Store.

Indigo RT customers can now upgrade to Indigo Renderer with just a few clicks on the Glare Technologies Store. Upgrading to Indigo Renderer will allow you to use fantastic features such as network rendering, as well as the new section plane and orthographic camera features. See http://www.indigoren

11 Sep 2012

Materials & lighting competition results

The August 2012 Materials and Lighting competition ended last Thursday, and we've just announced the winners on our Forum! It was a tremendous success, fuelled by exceptional archviz talent and great prizes from our sponsors. Be sure to check out the final renders thread, as there are many interesti

5 Sep 2012

Only 2 days left before the August competition ends

Our August materials & lighting competiton is nearly over but it's not too late to submit an entry to get the chance to win some of our prizes worth over €2000 in total. Finals have to be submitted before the end of the 6th of September. Prizes 1st place 1 Arroway textures Complete bundle 2 Ev

14 Aug 2012

Materials & lighting competition

If you haven't heard from our forum or newsletter yet, we're running a materials and lighting competition this month! The challenge is to create beautiful interior renders using the provided scene geometry, graciously provided by Heiko Schmidt (aka Impulse on the forum). Entries should be submitted

10 Aug 2012

SimLab Composer adds full support for Indigo Renderer.

The new release of SimLab Composer from Simlab Soft adds full support for Indigo Renderer. SimLab Composer will detect the existence of Indigo Renderer or Indigo RT on the machine, and will enable the user to utilize Indigo from inside SimLab Composer. Read the full announcement here.

8 Jun 2012

Detailed telescope renders by Axel Ritter

Indigo user Axel Ritter (forum username ritter) has been working on an incredibly detailed telescope model; both the geometry (e.g. thumbscrews) and the materials are exceptionally detailed, click the thumbnail below to see a full-sized image: For more information and renders please see the corresp

8 Jun 2012

New Indigo for Revit version with texture support

We have recently released a new version of Indigo for Revit, in which we added, among other things, support for textures in the material conversion. This simplifies the workflow a lot and it is now much easier to make decent visualisations with no manual changes on the materials at all. This Revit s