The Fabric material is useful for modelling textiles, such as cotton, wool, velvet etc. It is similar to a diffuse material except the edges of the material appear a different colour. This simulates forwards and backscattering due to small hair fibres.

Fabric Material Attributes

Colour: This is the main colour of the fabric. As usual it can be a constant colour, a texture, or a shader.

Roughness: This controls the roughness of the surface. A rougher surface will have a wider sheen 'highlight'.

Roughness = 0.1

Roughness = 0.9

Sheen colour. This is the colour of the sheen. The sheen is generally backscattered light, seen around edges of the objects.
For example, this fabric material uses a red sheen colour:

Sheen weight: This is the strength of the sheen reflection.

Sheen weight = 0.1

Sheen weight = 0.9