Material database

The online material database is a shared repository where users can view, download and share Indigo materials. These are distributed as either .IGM (Indigo Material) or .PIGM (Packed Indigo Material) files, the latter being preferred since it automatically packages all required textures.


Loading a material into the Indigo Material Editor

The first step is to download the material. To do this, click on the material thumbnail to go the material information page, for example

Then click the download button above the material image. This will save an IGM or PIGM file to your computer.

Now click on the downloaded IGM or PIGM file. This should load the material into the Indigo Material editor and start rendering a preview of it.

Uploading a material to the database

The Upload Material button in the toolbar will upload the material applied to the preview object together with the currently rendered preview image. The preview must be sufficiently clean (at least 200 samples per pixel) otherwise the upload will not succeed.

An alternative way to upload materias is through the Indigo website by hovering over Materials in the section bar, then clicking Upload a material.