Indigo Licence Activation

Once you have purchased an Indigo Licence from the Glare Technologies Store you need to go through a few steps to activate it with Indigo.

  1. Open Indigo and click on the Licensing button.
  2. Press Copy to Clipboard to copy the hardware key. Do not copy the text manually.
  3. Upon purchase of a licence, you will receive an email with a link to the store page with your details on it. Keep this link somewhere secure, and check that your details are correct.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom section. Paste in your hardware key into the appropriate box, depending on the type of licence you own, and press "Generate Licence Key".
  5. A bunch of characters will be returned in a text box, copy it all.
  6. Paste it back into the Indigo Licence dialog box at the bottom, and press "Verify licence key".

  7. Success!

  8. The Indigo background will also tell you if it is verified.