Indigo for Linux
  1. Download the latest Indigo for Linux from
  2. Extract the archive that you downloaded, for example with the command:
    tar -xzvf IndigoRenderer_x64_v3.4.18.tar.gz

    This will extract the archive into the directory dist/IndigoRenderer_x64_v3.4.18

  3. Indigo is statically linked as far as possible and should be ready for use. Run ./indigoconsole -v to see if Indigo installed correctly, for example:
    cd IndigoRenderer_x64_v3.4.18/
    ./indigo_console -v

    Which should print out something like

    Indigo Renderer v3.4.18, Linux 64-bit build.

    To run the graphical user interface, run ./indigo.

You are now ready to run Indigo.