Indigo for Maya

"Coated Lens", courtesy of Lemo.

In Beta Development

Featured project:

Lemo's Canon 5D Mk II


MtI 3.6.5
Win, Mac & Linux. Please install Indigo Renderer/RT first.


Online Maya Manual
HTML version.


MayaToIndigo Forum
Discuss MayaToIndigo with others.


Available in an ASCII form, as it is usual for Maya scripts. This ensures a cross-platform installation, though functionalities were not tested under non-Windows operating systems. Usual precautions should apply.

Getting Started

To get started with MayaToIndigo, you need to install Indigo and MayaToIndigo.

Important note: the Indigo rendering application is not included with the Maya to Indigo exporter.
MtI will not export if you don't have the Indigo rendering application installed prior. There is though the option left to the user to specify the Indigo application folder at the last moment.

As a side note, MtI is not shipping with the Indigo installer either. Maya users must download both the MtI archive and the Indigo installer separately.

  1. Install Indigo: Download Link
  2. Download the latest mti from this page.
  3. Extract the MtI archive content anywhere on disk.
  4. Start Maya.
  5. Open the Script Editor (Window > General Editors > Script Editor)
  6. Source the file "mti_Installation.mel" you just copied on disk (Script Editor > File > Source Script...)
  7. Follow insructions from the MEL installer for MtI.
  8. Chek on the new Indigo shelf and MtI menu.
    The Indigo Editor (invoked from the 1st shef button) is meant as a tutor. It will not show up if MtI does not support the current Maya object type.

Sample renders from Indigo

House On Mazury © Eneen

White Residence © Eneen

House In Lanckorona © Eneen

House Near Boernerow © Eneen

House Near Warsaw © Eneen

House On Wilanow © Eneen

Interior © pavoda

Interior © pavoda

Interior © pavoda

Bedroom © pavoda