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Cinema 4D Exporter

Ultra realistic and polished

Indigo renderer works amazingly with Cinema 4D. Our Cinema 4D exporter has been under active development for more than 5 years and widely respected as the simplest and most powerful rendering plugin for Cinema 4D.

With support for Cinema 4D shaders, instancing support and exceptionally fast material editing and scene export - Cinema 4D and Indigo are a great solution.

Indigo Renderer for Windows

Download Indigo Renderer
Indigo for Cinema 4D is included in the Windows Indigo Renderer installers.

Indigo RT for Windows

Download Indigo RT
Indigo RT for Cinema 4D is included in the Windows Indigo RT installers.

For Apple OS X

Please install Indigo Renderer/RT first.



Cinema 4D Forum
Discuss Indigo for Cinema 4D with others.

Ultra powerful renderer

Indigo materials are complex and powerful, with multiple channels of image data combining to create the final product. Combined with the best light transport and scene geometry management available in current renderers, there is no better quality renderer than Indigo.

Simple to use

Harnessing all this power and making it easy to use in your day to day workflow was our focus when developing the Cinema 4D plugin.


If the cindigo export wasn't so good, i would still be struggling with mental ray → Andreas Strømberg

The most advanced and complete C4D renderer plugin I know of → Alexander Lamprecht

I need some unbiased renderer, and my recent tests have confirmed the indigo at the moment is the best choice → zed_pmd

Sample renders from Indigo

Lenses experiment © Silverwing

McLaren P1 © Oscar J

McLaren P1 © Oscar J

Portico © Pibuz

Old Room © Oren–Nayar

Poustinia 2 © bubs

016b © kklors

Work 44 f © kklors

Noisebla © kklors

Untitled © kklors