Step 3. Paint a wood texture on the floor

Next, press the Paint Bucket tool and the SketchUp materials dialog will open. Select wood from the selection box:

Now choose wood_floor_light as a texture. Then click on the floor. Your floor will now be textured, however to get a more realistic appearance for a varnished floor, we need to change the material type to Phong.

To do this, we first open up the SkIndigo Material Editor from the SkIndigo toolbar:

With the material open in the SkIndigo Material Editor, change the material type to Phong:

Zoom in the camera a little and hit render – your house should look like this:

Derrick in his new house with a roof, window and a floor.

Now right click on the floor and select Texture → Position. Rotate the wood texture 90”. You can also scale the wood texture if you want.