1. Download and install Indigo

    Download Indigo RT or Indigo Renderer for your system and install to the default location on your system.
    You can download Indigo from here:

  2. Download and install Indigo for SketchUp (SkIndigo)

    On Windows, the Indigo installer comes bundled with the latest version of SkIndigo, the installer for which should launch from the main Indigo installer.

    Mac users must download the RBZ file and install it manually (since there is no installer for those platforms); the latest version of SkIndigo can be downloaded from

    Please see for instructors on how to install the RBZ file.

  3. Check your SkIndigo Installation

    Restart SketchUp after installing SkIndigo and you should see see “SkIndigo” become available under the Plugins menu.

    The SkIndigo Plugins menu

    You are now ready to use SkIndigo.

  4. Enabling the SkIndigo toolbar

    The SkIndigo toolbar should be enabled by default, however if it is closed, you can re-enable it by right clicking on the toolbar area, and ticking SkIndigo from the context menu.

    The SkIndigo toolbar should now be visible:

  5. Getting help with SkIndigo Installation

    If you have any issues installing SkIndigo, please email us at