Installing SkIndigo from a RBZ file

The Indigo for SketchUp (SkIndigo) extension is available in the standard .rbz format for SketchUp extensions. These steps will describe how to install the extension.

  1. Download and install Indigo

    Make sure you have Indigo Renderer or Indigo RT installed first.
    Download Indigo for your system and install Indigo to the default location on your system.
    You can download Indigo from here:

  2. Download the SkIndigo .rbz file

    If you haven't already, download the SkIndigo rbz file from the SkIndigo page

  3. Install the .rbz File

    Start SketchUp.

    For SketchUp 2017 or later, select Windows > Extension Manager.

    For SketchUp 2016 or earlier,
    On Mac, select SketchUp > Preferences.
    On Windows, select Windows > Preferences.

    Select the Extensions item on the left of the Preferences dialog.

    Click on the Install Extension... button.

    Select the SkIndigo-3.x.x.rbz file you just downloaded.

    Click the Open button.

    Click the Yes button in the 'Do you trust this Extension' dialog.

    Restart SketchUp.

  4. Check your installation

    Once you have restarted SketchUp, SkIndigo should be installed and available to use.

    You can check it by selecting Plugins > SkIndigo > Render Scene