UV Mapping

UV mapping is the process of modifying the texture map to fit the model. SkIndigo supports 4 UV maps per mesh face, which means you can have a the texture map aligned one way, the bump a different way, and the clip map another way on every surface in your scene.

SketchUp has a basic UV positioning function that is used to manipulate the textures. It is also very important that the faces are facing the correct direction, if the UV mapping function is not listed in the Right-click SkIndigo menu, then try reversing the faces.

  1. Here is an example run-through on how to set a textured object with a differently positioned bump map
  2. Set the desired bump map as the albedo for positioning purposes.
  3. Set the bump map position with the SketchUp tools (Rightclick > Texture > Position)
  4. Rightclick > SkIndigo UV Mapping > Save UVs to set 2
  5. Change the albedo to the actual albedo and the the bump to the bump.
  6. Position the Albedo with the texture tools and save it as UV set 1.

    Selecting the UV set in the texture editor
  7. In the SkIndigo Material editor, open the Texture Editor for the albedo and change the UV Set to 1. Set the bump map's UV Set to 2.
  8. Now it will use different texture positions for the albedo and bump map. Render to test.