Bugs in C4D Exporter v0.59.7

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Bugs in C4D Exporter v0.59.7

Post by Zom-B » Sat Aug 26, 2006 1:39 am

I just stared this to sum all (knowen) Bugs of the up to date v0.59.7 Exporter.
So after the Source is released everybody who is able to help debugging will have a idea what needs to be fixed!

If I find something new, I will update this first post, and if somebody else finds a Bug,
just feel free to post, I will add it to this first one for a better overview!

Bug 1
If you duplicate a Mesh Light in Cinema, that has the Light Tag,
the Settings always jumps back to "peak Style" but Type stays RGB or Black Body...
The good news is, that your Exporter still exports it the way the duplication Source is.
This also happens if you duplicate the Light Tag by holding CTRL and draging the Tag to another Object!
(All other options in the Indigo Tags seem to stay normal, after duplication!)


** EDIT ** Sep 1 2006
This happens to the Env Maps too! Lat Long gets the "width" Parameter of Spherical!
I Also recognized, that this "Parameter Change" always happens if you load a saved c4d File too!

** EDIT ** Oct 16 2006
For Phong Materials defined with .nk files the diffuse & Specular color stays
sometimes too, but I still havn't figured out how to trigger this...


Bug 2
If you export a Scene without using the "Render Configuration" Tag,
your Exporter just writes this background Information to the XML:

Code: Select all

   <radiance>0.0 0.2 0.2</radiance>

Bug 3
The checkbox "Export Parameters to overide inifile.txt" is translated wrong into German!
At the moment it tells you, that the settings are written to the inifile.txt:


Bug 4
The aperture_radius ot the Camera can be set to 0, but Indigo only allows minimum of 0.001.

Bug 5
If you Export using "Dual 3DS Object Save Mode" the Materials in your scene
will be renamed to Mat_1, Mat_2... this makes editing the XML afterwards very difficult!

Bug 6
Exporting a Scene containing Mesh Lights with "Dual 3DS Object Save Mode"
will create for each Mesh Light a own 3DS File.

Bug 7
"normal_reflectance" for Specular Materials was droped since Indigo v0.5T6...
Even if you alter the value, the Exporter allways writes 0.04 to the xml...

Bug 8
This strange Bug, changes the Position of Objects inside a "Null Object"!
In the EditorView you can see two Sphere Lamps, the one inside the "Null Object"
gets exported with Y = 0! I realy don't know how to reproduce this Bug :(
C4D Source File >>HERE<<


Bug 9
The Exponent Parameter of Phong Materials, gets exported wrong,
for example a Exponent of 3000 Exportes this way:

Code: Select all

            <diffuse>1.000000 1.000000 1.000000</diffuse>
            <specular>0.223529 0.882353 0.109804</specular>
This are some very very small Numbers, but Perhapes this bug is more general and we just can be see it here so "clearly" ??!?

Bug 10
** EDIT ** Oct 10 2006
In every Light Tag you can define "width" & "height" of the Lightsource,
but this parameter never gets exported, and isn't used anymore too!

Bug 11
You can set the BlackBody "gain" Value in the Iight Tag to 0 but only 0.000100 will be exported.

Bug 12
In the PluginMenu of Indigo Exporter
- Indigo Export
- Indigo Export & Start
Boath exports the XML, but also boath starts Indigo!
"Indigo Export & Start" sometimes don't do a saving dialog, but just starts Indigo (don't know if with new XML or "old")!
Also this exported XML is always named XXXXXX.c4d.xml and not like for Export Menu of C4D XXXXXX.xml.

Bug 13
The Default Render Settings are different from the default inifile.txt:

Code: Select all

"large_mutation_prob"             default = 0.4     exporter = 0.2
"max_change"                      default = 0.02    exporter = 0.025
"russian_roulette_live_prob"      default = 0.8     exporter = 0.7
"strata_width"                    default = 5       exporter = 14
"image_save_period"               default = 40      exporter = 20
"max_num_consec_rejections"       default = 100     exporter = 1000
This isn't a real Bug, but makes comparisons difficult!

Bug 14
The Exporter round numbers after the 3 position (1/1000), so 0.013948 becommes 0.014.
But the Exporter exports 0.013948, so why round Numbers in the Exporter?
Some Materials got very detailed Numbers for IOR or cauchy_b_coeff,
0.013948 for example is the cauchy_b_coeff of a diamond...
rounding kills overview in C4D for such detailed Materials!

Bug 15
The Exponent Parameter is limited to 10.000 but the range is 1 = glossy to 100000 = non-glossy / perfect sharp

Bug 16
Linear Tonemapping could be max set to 10, but it need way higher values to take affect!

Bug 17
For Meshlight the "Global Position/Size Multiplier" gets exported in the Parameter "scale".
This "scale" Parameter doesn't have any functions anymore for Mesh Lights, and perhapes for other stuff too...

Bug 18
The "fresnel scale" Parameter doesn't trigger after change the other instances of this Material set to other Objects,
like every (!?!) other Parameter does...
Perhapes because "fresnel scale" doesn't change the C4D Material
that would update automaticaly after change the other instances of the Indigo Material definition Tag...

Bug 19
The NK-Data for phong Materials are sorted by the file name,
not by "real name" creating a not alpabetical list, hard to find the Material
you are looking for...

Bug 20
The Global "Pos/Size Multiplier" can't be set lower than 0.001 or higher then 100...

Bug 21

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