Material Editor

The materials setting page is used to configure the materials in the scene.
Blendigo will try and convert your Blender materials to Indigo materials as far as possible – but you are recommend to use Blendigo's material editor for more accuracy and control of your Indigo materials.

  1. Blender material

    This is the name of the blender material you are editing. When you select a new object, the objects material will be selected in Blendigo – so just right click on an object in your scene to select it in Blendigo.

    Reset Reset to the original Blender material
    Export Export to an Indigo Material file (.IGM).
    Copy Copies the currently set Indigo material so you can copy it to another Blender material.
  2. Indigo Material

    See Material Types

  3. Material Channels

    See Material Attributes