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Indigo News


Maya and XSI Exporters are back!

Written Thursday 16 Apr

The Maya and XSI Exporters were hard to find on the old site - they now have their own pages and a little documentation about how to download and install them.

It'd be good if maya and xsi users could post updates on their respective artist forums to let people know that Indigo once again works with their modelling package of choice.


Cinema 4D and 3DS Max plugin documentation

Written Thursday 16 Apr

We've added the start of documentation for the 3ds max and Cinema 4D exporters.


Winner of competition confuses Judges

Written Wednesday 15 Apr

We had to change the result of the competition - because one of the judges couldn't tell the difference between a photo and the output of Indigo. Here is the offending image:

The image was created by SATtva_.


Winner of February->March prizes announced

Written Wednesday 15 Apr

See this post to see the three winners of the indigo rendering competition for February->March.

The winning renders - by SATtva_, ZomB and Fused.


Navigation submenus and forum improvements

Written Wednesday 15 Apr

The active topics and unanswered posts forum settings have been moved into submenus on the navigation bar.


Discount of 75% for Ranch users

Written Sunday 12 Apr

Ranch Computing has announced:

"From April 13 (next monday) to April 30 (included), we have a very special offer for all Indigo users:

all Indigo projects will get a 75% discount!

It means that if you render for one hour, you will pay for only 15 minutes! (if you render for 20 mn, you pay for 5, you get the idea ). If you are not familiar with the RANCH performance, a 15 minutes render is the same as 30 hours of rendering on a Core 2 Quad @ 4 x 3 GHz."

Read more in the forum.


New front page design coming

Written Friday 10 Apr

I've been reading everyones comments on the site redesign and will be putting up a new frontpage soonish. I'm also dead keen on improving the forum theme. Thanks for all your input.

Even the ones saying it looks like a first year design students attempt at a website. ;)


Documentation for Blender and Sketchup

Written Thursday 9 Apr

I've put some documentation for blender and sketchup. If you have documentation you would like to contribute, email ben@indigorenderer.com.


Old website available

Written Wednesday 8 Apr

The old website is still available while we bring content across. Please make sure you only post new content on this site.


New website up

Written Wednesday 8 Apr

The new Indigo Renderer website is being released today. We're putting out the new features in several steps - so there may be some features missing at the start.

If something is missing (besides the wiki and material database), email me ben@indigorenderer.com.