Indigo News
28 Jul 2009

Indigo 100 Licences to be more widely available

We're going to be making a few announcements about Indigo this week and sending out a bundle of press releases, contacting industry sites and forums, starting on Friday. If you're keen on getting one of the 50 remaining Indigo 100 licences, it would be worth placing your order this week as there may

21 Jul 2009

The tripods

A nice render from gabriel.

17 Jul 2009

Amazing landscape scene

We don't see many landscape scenes rendered with Indigo - so it was great to see this amazing render of a German by-road from Zeitmeister:

10 Jul 2009

About 50 lifetime licences left, Indigo node licences online

We have added the two free node licences to all of the Indigo 100 lifetime licences. Existing customers - refer to your order confirmation email to access your order and generate your node licence hardware keys. Also - we're approaching 50 of the Indigo 100 licences left to sell and sales are speedi

8 Jul 2009

Indigo Manual for new users

We've made the first release of the Indigo manual for new users - see this thread to download it and learn about using Indigo and the concepts behind it.

7 Jul 2009

Great in depth render by WytRaven

WytRaven, a Canberra-based modeller and an early supporter of Indigo - has posted an interesting thread detailing his research and modelling of wedding rings.

5 Jul 2009

Super cute Indigo-movie by ZomB rendered in Indigo

Did you know it's possible to render animations in Indigo? Regular contributor Arthur Staschyk rendered this awesome short movie:

3 Jul 2009

Fused created a magic depth-map script

Fused, the author of our Cinema 4D exporter came up with a piece of magic to render depth maps using Indigo Shader Language. See these great images by ZomB for examples: Original render: Depth map:

1 Jul 2009

New build of Blendigo for Mac and PC

See this post in the forum for the newest build of Blendigo for os x and windows.

1 Jul 2009

A morning by Pibuz

Another great render by Pibuz, an Indigo user from Padua, Italy. The ingredients of a great render like this: * Accurate modelling * Nice materials * Good lighting * Depth of field We will be featuring scenes like this in the Indigo techniques manual that will discuss how to set up scenes to ge