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Hey Ne0. the issue with your file is that is is made out of...15 Jan 2019 15:22
BTW: I tested multi UV, and it seems to work! See attached t...02 Jan 2019 17:34
Hey roskilla23ยบ, In your car for example a ray that enters...01 Jan 2019 10:16
Hey Tyler, afaik Indigo does support multiple UVs on single...01 Jan 2019 10:02
it seems that i have 2 suns ( or an extra unknown light sour...22 Dec 2018 13:17
you're right. opencl is not active - any advice? I would sa...22 Dec 2018 00:57
Hey guys, it seems Indigo hass issues with MotionBlur on Em...20 Dec 2018 22:14
New problem. I have a slave rig with 6 Vega cards. After th...20 Dec 2018 11:56

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