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Hi Oscar, I went with the iMac configuration with Radeon 5...09 Jul 2019 13:41
Would have suggested blasting it in GPU mode, but you probab...07 Jul 2019 11:02
I can only refer to the Benchmark database for indications o...25 Jun 2019 01:22
For rendering, I would definitely recommend an eGPU config o...19 Jun 2019 20:15
The silence in response to the OPs question is really rathe...10 Apr 2019 02:19
@Oscar J I've had the same concern when rendering on my no...10 Apr 2019 02:18
Should be a good setup if you, like me, need a MBP to carry ...09 Apr 2019 17:52
Some renders after a year of radio silence. :oops: I'm stu...20 Mar 2019 17:27

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