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Friday 30th of March 2012
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Fantastic design and execution, well done!...27 Oct 2022 21:43
Unfortunately there is no live rendering in Sketchup. You're...30 Aug 2021 18:01
It doesn't render it out as a movie, if that's what you mean...27 May 2021 19:38
2015!..... Does Blendigo do any animations? I'm having the...26 May 2021 20:07
Looks OK - I think the floor is too glossy and you're gettin...14 May 2021 16:14
Send the team an e-mail, I think they'll easily sort it out ...15 Apr 2021 23:08
As has previously mentioned, invisible objects block light b...20 Mar 2021 22:03
another nice joke... but this is reality: Alright, can ...06 Sep 2020 10:30

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