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That worked - well sort of - I just found I needed the rende...14 Nov 2011 01:04
Is it possible to use ISL to colour faces depending on their...13 Nov 2011 18:22
See attached image for example. The overlaid lines shows ho...10 Nov 2011 12:31
I really need help with matching some Blender renders to Ind...10 Nov 2011 11:53
OMG Neo. :shock: For the love of God. Can you just think...24 Jul 2010 14:23
Wow swanky! Nice job! Only criticism are the neatimage arti...16 Jan 2010 18:06
I would probably be the worst mod ever and for that reason I...04 Jan 2010 14:47
Many Thanks! Works fine as you can see Jan 2010 00:34

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