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I've waited 45 hours haha, but it was pretty much clean afte...19 Mar 2015 20:42
Wow, really nice render bubs, I'm also very curious about yo...19 Mar 2015 19:44
Haha, thanks everyone! Voytech, here is a screenshot from t...31 Oct 2014 17:03
Hi everyone! I just finished this render for my 3D class at...31 Oct 2014 15:48
Hi everyone! I was thinking about a feature, I don't know i...30 Sep 2014 18:37
What about a nodal system for material edition? It would be ...19 Sep 2014 04:57
That was exactly that galinette... Thanks! I think Cinema 4D...17 Sep 2014 00:02
Oh yes, sure! Haven't moved in this example, Reinhard here, ...16 Sep 2014 14:10

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