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Hi all! Have you noticed this fine script to build cities (B...03 Apr 2009 19:21
Here are the differences between indigo_linux_v1.0.9_2 and i...13 Dec 2008 09:06
Ups, I just switch to 1.1.4 / 1.1.15 :oops: Thanks, I foun...12 Dec 2008 18:42
Hey Ono! Thanks for the 1.1.15 and the new linux build. The...12 Dec 2008 17:32
Hi again ;) I´m having the same problem as zuani. Blendi...11 Dec 2008 17:27
Hi! The things were arranged by putting a small cylinder in ...09 Dec 2008 19:35
Thanks :) I´m rerendering the things in a polynesian se...24 Nov 2008 22:30
Hi all! You know that I like more abstract scenes (as I´m...22 Nov 2008 14:17

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