New release of Indigo with plenty of new features

New release of Indigo with plenty of new features

Written Tuesday 23 Jun

Ono has just announced a new release of Indigo - 2.0.8.

Some of the improvements of this version:

* Increased maximum resolution for non-commercial users to 0.7MP
* Sky and Sun can now be on different layers, using and , see sun_sky_layer_test.igs
* Changed self-intersection avoidance code.
* Camera response path is loaded correctly from scene to GUI
* Plus/Minus now zoom in/out the rendered image in the GUI. Zero resets zoom level to 1.
* Aspect ratio is computed from render width and height.
* GUI tonemapping settings persist over render stop/start
* Changed watermark to smaller, brighter Indigo logo.
* Updated Indigo exe icon, fixes icon on XP
* Fixed --unpack giving errors if directories present in .pigm.

Head over to the download page to get the newest versions - and if you'd like to support Indigo and our ongoing work - please head over to the Indigo store and buy a licence (or two).