New renders from Conceptual Architect

New renders from Conceptual Architect

Written Wednesday 17 Jun

C.A. has been posting some nice renders in the forum. See this one for a nice apartment look:

We've had our heads down this week working hard on various improvements and bug fixes in Indigo - as well as tidying up the Indigo site and getting documentation ready for the next release. We've also been working with our exporter writers to get installers ready for Blendigo, Skindigo and Cindigo.

Also in the forums - Dougal has been asking Maya users for their feedback on the future of MTI.

And welcome to our new Indigo 100 customers - it's great seeing sales from Italy, Germany and the United States. If you're still undecided about your Indigo purchase, you might want to get in before Indigo 2.0.7 comes out later this week.

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