Preparing to launch new website

Preparing to launch new website

Written Wednesday 8 Apr

I've been working on finishing up the new Indigo website and should be ready to push it live very soon. Some content will be missing when we first switch over - here are some of the key things that will be fixed:


The images section doesn't have image title or name of the uploader. These will be replaced soon, we just need to write a script to get the title back.

Materials database

The materials database is being ported to ruby on rails, it'll be back, and in a better format.


The wiki will be back in a different form - we haven't decided exactly how it's going to work yet - but there will be a new Indigo wiki - we just have to decide how it will work.

Thanks for your time - this is a first step to making Indigo more flexible and be available to more people!