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I imported a 3ds file and it came with materials but I want to delete all of them. I'm having a hard time finding the last few objects with materials on them though. Is there a way to just delete the material without finding the object or is there a script to find them for me? Tips?

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Hmm...I think you could find them with the outliner (it would be more visual if you switch it to "Oops schematic" in the view menu)

Outliner --> View --> Show Oops Schematic

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This is really simple to do, but the method is not entirely obvious.

Either you can select just one object with the offending material, press "Shift-L" and then choose "Material" and this will then select every object in the scene with that same material.

You can then delete all these objects.

Or, if you wanted to just change the material of more than one object at a time:

First assign a material to just one of the objects, next select all the other objects you want to change (but make sure the object with new material is the primary selection) then just press "CTRL-L" and choose "Materials"

Thanks guys, I don't think I ever would have found them with out that. They blended in very well.

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