MtI Maya 2010 on Mac ?

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Re: MtI Maya 2010 on Mac ?

Post by CTZn » Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:51 am

JBKING wrote:
You mean that the command
workspace -q -rd

returns the folder above your current project directory ?
On windows, the command returns the very project directory (the default one in my case):

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workspace -q -rd;
// Result: C:/Users/user/Documents/maya/projects/default/ // 
JBKING wrote:There were some warnings while the export ran but it works. Thanks !
You are welcome... though, the actual warnings would help both of us more than "some" warnings :)
JBKING wrote:Is the beta 2 Mac ready ? :D
For now I'm including a debug output into an also smarter installer. I can take no Mac-specific action before I've got a Mac-specific technical report.

It's night time in New-Zealand, let it be ;)

More on IGM linking in a moment...
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Re: MtI Maya 2010 on Mac ?

Post by CTZn » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:12 am

JBKING wrote:/* Edit: Oh you cant use .igm Materials. There is an error which says that the material isn't defined in line 117. Can this be fixed ?
Yes, but it's faster to fix on your side. MtI can not yet modify external files. You will probably have to edit the igm file a bit, so roll your sleeves up ! ... =25&t=3301

In general, with downloaded IGMs you want to make sure that:

1 - the file name is a valid Maya name
2 - it is named after a material within
Upon linking an IGM file, MtI will create a phong with a shadingGroup; the phong is to assign to meshes. Its shadingGroup is named after the file name. The shading group name is the name Indigo will look for a material into the IGM. As a consequence, the name of the shading group must be the name of an Indigo material actually declared into the IGM file.

Therefore the file name is the absolute reference. It must be a valid Maya name and correspond to a material name declared within. Again: it enforces the name for the:
-> expected material within IGM
-> shadingGroup linked to meshes

For this - hypothetical - example we'll use ghost glass.igm as the file name. We are also starting with the worst case but keep cool :)

First off, Maya can take no blank space into a name.

The shading group will forcibly be renamed to ghost_glass, and you will have to propagate that change manually into the IGM file.

After linking (or upon export error):

1 - rename the file after the shading group name: ghost_glass.igm
2 - open the file in textEdit
3 - look for the lines:

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			<name>ghost glass</name>

and rename properly:

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4 - save the igm

You should be good then, export.

A smoother linking procedure was added to the todo list ! Apply the first checks reported in this post meanwhile, sorry for the inconvenience.
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