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Size quotas for upload....

Post by rerdavies » Wed May 16, 2007 7:47 am

A request to the powers that be...

I'm about to upload revised sources and binaries for Violet. One of the wonderful new "features" of VS 2005 is that you *have* to create an installer that contains the C++ runtime merge modules in order to ship an EXE with DLL linkages (wxWidges doens't have a static link build -- a serious ommission, imho, so I'm forced to do this if I want to maintain a sensible build procedure for Violet under Visual studio).

Getting to the point...

I have a packaged installer for a Violet update ready to go (the only way I can distribute a VS2005 build of Violet). I'd like to upload it, but it's 4.5MB in size, just over the current posting limit of 4MB. I don't currently have a good site of my own to push the binaries from.

Could I impose/beg/request/plead for a temporary or permanet increase of the upload limit on .ZIP files to 5MB instead of 4MB?

Source uploads will follow shortly.

For interests' sake, previous problems with VS2005 builds of Violet were related to exactly this: incorrect installation of Manifest-protected C runtime DLLs.

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