and another reclad job

Show off your final renders
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Post by mzungu » Sat Aug 26, 2006 4:43 am

Interesting design. Could you post the original pic (before overlay) for a comparison?

Don't like the way there's no overhang on the gable ends, and the way the gutters wrap around. Maybe I'm just too practical, but those overhanging roof ends really help protect the siding/windows/foundation from weather... and they look nicer, too. Also, I wouldn't want to be there when the builder sees those corner windows! They hate that kinda "fancy" stuff... esp on a reconditioning job - different if they were a part of the original design, but to modify an existing house that wasn't (structurally) intended for that would be a nightmare! (Mr. Practical peeking out again... :wink: )
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Oh, and definitely keep posting them, radiance! Its really nice to see examples of indigo being used in real world projects! 8)
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