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SkIndigo FAQ

Post by Whaat » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:49 am

I'll be adding to this over time:

Why does my glass render black?
Indigo requires glass to be modeled as a volume. Make sure of the following:
- glass is modeled as a volume (or box for windows)
- faces are oriented correctly - the front side of the face should point outwards
- make sure that the SketchUp opacity settings is near zero. This is required if your absorption settings are set to be controlled by SketchUp (default)

I am trying to use displacement mapping but it doesn't work and/or the edges are ripping apart
Ensure that you have done the following:
- Increase the subdivision settings of the group or component that contains the faces that you want to displace (try 6 or more). This is done by using the right-click context menu->Edit Active Mesh. The active mesh is the group or component that you are currently editing
- Ensure that the UV mapping is continuous across the edges
- Use SketchUp to soften all of the edges (Window->Soften Edges) of the faces that you want to displace. This will keep the edges from ripping apart because Indigo will merge the vertices together if two vertices share the same position and normal

How do you render with section planes?
Create a SketchUp section plane in the your model. Make sure that it is not inside a group or component. Right-click the section plane and make it the active plane using the SkIndigo context menu. If you want to toggle culling of geometry, you must do this using the Render Settings dialog (Advanced)

How do you render with motion blur?:
1) Create a group or component
2) Ensure there are no nested groups or components within. If so, explode them so that the group/component contains only faces.
3) Right-click and 'set keyframe'
4) Enter 0.0 to set the first keyframe
5) Move/rotate the component to a new location
6) Right-click again and 'set keyframe'
7) Enter 1.0 to set the last keyframe (or an intermediate keyframe)
8) Note that you must set a keyframe at 0.0 and a keyframe at 1.0 for the motion blur to work.
9) There is currently no way to 'jump-to' existing keyframes

How does emision scale work? ... 17&t=11189

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