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Post by wahn » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:19 pm

... slightly Indigo related ...

I know there is a Blender exporter for Indigo, but for my rendering comparisons I created a multi-exporter which currently exports simultaneously to 6 different scene descriptions (and more will follow):

.ass, .igs, .lxs, .mi, .mxs, .rib

Arnold, Indigo, Luxrender, mental ray, Maxwell, RenderMan compliant ... slides.pdf

It's not production ready, not tested on Windows (at all), but works fine for me (on OS X and Linux) and the source is free, can be cloned, can be made more production ready etc. etc. ...

In other words: Feel free to do whatever you want with it (feedback would be nice, participating in the rendering forum would be nice) ... :twisted:

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