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Floating Licences

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Convenience and Flexibility

Floating licences are a simple and effective way to handle licensing in larger deployments. They allow any computer to become fully licensed on a first come, first served basis, with licences distributed by the Network Manager.

This approach offers increased flexibility over the traditional fixed-licensing scheme, where a licence is bound to a particular computer, and is also much more easily deployed: simply start up the Network Master and it will begin licensing computers to participate in a network render.

Having no restrictions on which computers can participate in a network render makes upgrading and moving a render farm possible with minimal effort. It is no more difficult to add a hundred floating licences than a single standard licence: you simply update the licence on your Network Manager.

Purchasing Information

A pool of floating licences can be easily expanded to accommodate increased demand for rendering capacity - for more information, or to purchase floating licences please contact us.