XSI Exporter

Image by rgigante.

In Beta Development

XSI is a modelling package by Autodesk. The Indigo exporter for XSI is called XSIndigo and is maintained by Riccardo. The XSI Exporter Forum is a good place to get support on XSI and Indigo.


XSIndigo 1.0.9
Size: 281kb. Available for Windows


Exporters Forum
Discuss XSI with others.


This exporter works with XSI version 6.
  1. Unzip the plugin
  2. Launch XSI
  3. Load the XSIndigoExporter_1.0.9.1_6xx.xsiaddon addon from the plugin manager

Getting started with XSIndigo

See this tutorial for an introduction to xsindigo.

Sample renders from Indigo

House On Mazury © Eneen

White Residence © Eneen

House In Lanckorona © Eneen

House Near Boernerow © Eneen

House Near Warsaw © Eneen

House On Wilanow © Eneen

Interior © pavoda

Interior © pavoda

Interior © pavoda

Bedroom © pavoda