The Nefertiti bust

The Nefertiti bust

Written Sunday 21 Feb

Two German artists covertly scanned the bust of Nefertiti, which is located in the Neues Mueseum in Berlin, and posted the scanned data online: The quality is quite impressive given that this was apparently scanned with a Kinect sensor surreptitiously!

The format of the data is STL, which is a common format for models for 3d-printing. It's also actually very simple - so I added native STL support for Indigo so I could load the Nefertiti data directly.

I made these renders using the data, which illustrate some of the strengths of the upcoming Indigo 4 - the pure GPU rendering renders these 2000x2000 images in one or two minutes. Additionally the improved Oren-Nayar material gives a convincing clay look to the bust.

Click the images for full resolution!