Indigo 2.2 beta is out. Twice as fast or faster...

Indigo 2.2 beta is out. Twice as fast or faster...

Written Wednesday 19 Aug

Well this is big news that we've had to sit on for several weeks now. Indigo 2.2 is now available for beta by Windows users. We'll have the other builds out soon.

This is a big release! Nick has fixed and improved over a dozen aspects of Indigo. Some of the improvements in this version:

Twice as fast for many scenes

As measured by our convergence metric, not samples per pixel, Indigo 2.2 is faster, way faster. Less noise in half the time.

Various fixes for sources of fireflies

Fireflies, those unwelcome bright spots that appear on some renders - have been massively reduced in 2.2. Especially around environment maps, this should speed your renders too.

User interface improvements

A more responsive user interface that loads more quickly and respects the priority that you set Indigo to - so you can keep using your PC in the background. Also present are fixes to make tone mapping more responsive, and a visual indicator that tone mapping is being processed.

Download for windows. This is big stuff - try it out - and Mac users, we'll be catering to you shortly.