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18 Mar 2021

Indigo SDK publicly available

This is something we have been meaning to do for a while - make the Indigo software development kit (SDK) available for anyone to try out. The Indigo SDK allows you to embed the full power of Indigo into your software application, allowing high quality CPU rendering and GPU rendering with an easy-to

16 Feb 2021

Indigo 4.4 Released!

Glare Technologies is excited to announce the release of Indigo 4.4! Indigo Renderer 4.4 now includes a powerful denoiser, lightmap baking, GPU SSS, texture compression, an improved sky model, a new fabric material, and more. We also have some exciting improvements already in testing for Indigo 4.6

23 Oct 2020

New Indigo Benchmark release

We have a new build of the benchmark out. The last benchmark build was 4.0.64, so a long time ago. There have been a lot of changes in Indigo since then, including a lot of optimisations. The most important changes for the benchmark are: * Fixed performance scaling when rendering with multiple Nvidi

23 Mar 2020

An extraordinary car brought to life with Indigo Renderer

Let us show you what our newest Indigo beta (ver 4.4.5) is capable of in a professional production environment. Part of their studio pipeline our friends at studio Michel de Vries choose Indigo as their main engine to showcase the newest creation by Bugatti, the Chiron Pur Sport. Giving them the edg

14 Feb 2020

Indigo and macOS Catalina

Indigo is now notarised by Apple, which means Indigo now installs on macOS Catalina without giving a "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" error. You can download the new notarised version (4.2.27) on the download page. The latest beta in the 4.4 Indigo series has al

29 Nov 2019

Black Friday Sale

We are running a Black Friday sale for the weekend until the end of Sunday the first of Dec. Prices are reduced by 20% for the sale. Indigo Renderer 4 Licences are 476 EUR, reduced from 595 EUR. Indigo RT 4 Licences are 116 EUR, reduced from 145 EUR. Visit the store here: https://store.glaretechnol

26 Aug 2019

Great new architectural renderings

Indigo user Bubs has posted some lovely new architectural rendering made with Indigo: Read the forum thread here.

27 Nov 2018

Jeremy Cox: Down the Rabbit Hole: Adventures in Cinema 4D

Jerermy Cox gave a fascinating talk at the Cinema 4D Supermeet 2018 where he develops a working 3-d model of various cameras, from a pinhole camera to SLR camera in Cinema 4D and Indigo. He gets some really nice results out of it including some realistic lens flare and depth of field. Watch the pres

15 Mar 2018

Indigo Renderer 4.2.14 Beta Release

The Indigo 4.0 release was the first version to have full GPU path-tracing support, as well as lots of other cool stuff (https://www.indigorenderer.com/indigo4) With the 4.2 release we have taken the opportunity to push the performance on GPU even further, as well as making some algorithmic improve

18 Nov 2017

Animation - Aidanova Time Machine Restaurant

This incredibly detailed animation sequence was created by Indigo veteran and freelance CGI artist Arthur Liebnau and his visualisation agency Polygon Manufaktur. Thanks for agreeing to doing this interview with us! Please tell us a bit about the background of the project. This visualisation sh