Indigo for Windows

Downloading and installing

Download the newest version of Indigo for Windows, then double click the installer file.

  1. Agree to the licence

    You will be presented with the Indigo End User Licence Agreement. You should read through it and click "I Agree" if you agree with the terms.

  2. Choose components

    We recommend you leave the check-boxes selected but you are able to disable each component if you have particular requirements on your system. Press Next to continue.

  3. Choose an installation location

    We recommend you use the default installation location, as most Indigo exporters will expect to find Indigo here – however you are able to change this path if you need to. Indigo will write a registry key that exporters will use to find Indigo automatically if Indigo is installed in a non-standard location. Press "Install" to complete the installation.

After installation

Once the installation has completed, you can find Indigo from the start menu under the "Indigo Renderer" or "Indigo RT" sub-menu, along with links to this manual and other program shortcuts for convenience.