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Indigo Renderer - bring your SketchUp ideas to life

Lounge scene © Pibuz

Amazing image quality

Indigo is a photorealistic renderer which simulates the physics of light to achieve near-perfect image realism. By combining an industrial-strength renderer with a high quality exporter for SketchUp, you can create great images directly from SketchUp.

Images so good that your friends and clients won't be able to tell if it's a photo or computer generated.

For Windows

Download Indigo Renderer/RT
SkIndigo is included in the Windows Indigo Renderer/RT installers.

For Apple OS X

Getting Started Tutorial

SkIndigo for Windows tutorial. Introductory tutorial on setting up SkIndigo for Windows.


SkIndigo Tutorials
SkIndigo Tutorials


SkIndigo Manual Introductory manual.


SketchUp Forum
Discuss SkIndigo with others.

Easy to learn

Indigo Renderer has extremely good integration with SketchUp, making it easy to learn how to create photorealistic renders. The Indigo exporter for Google SketchUp is called SkIndigo. The SketchUp Exporter Forum is a good place to get support on SketchUp and Indigo.

More information

Getting Started

To get started with with SketchUp and Indigo on Windows, follow this tutorial: SkIndigo for Windows tutorial.

Sample renders from Indigo

Lenses experiment © Silverwing

McLaren P1 © Oscar J

McLaren P1 © Oscar J

Portico © Pibuz

Old Room © Oren–Nayar

Poustinia 2 © bubs

016b © kklors

Work 44 f © kklors

Noisebla © kklors

Untitled © kklors