What's New in SkIndigo 2.2

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Sun Position Override Tool

1. By using the sun position override tool, you can position the sun anywhere you like independent of the SketchUp shadow settings.
2. This is a view-based tool so the position is relative to your current camera view.
3. Just click the 'Set Sun Position' button and click anywhere in the SketchUp viewport.
4. Use this tool in combination with the SketchUp 'Position Camera' tool to control the exact location of the sun and shadows.

New Color Picker Interface for Emitter Color

Click on the swatch to launch the color picker.

Custom Light Layer Names

Custom Layer Names can now be set using the SkIndigo->Set Light Layer Names menu item.

Save Custom Defaults

You can now set up your custom rendering defaults and click the 'Save Defaults' button to save them. Note that your custom layer names and UI preference will also be saved.

New Interface for Setting Absorption

Although absorption can still be set using the SketchUp color and opacity, you can now also click the Absorption swatch and set the values directly to provide greater control.

Select Camera Response Function

You can now set your preferred camera response function (in tonemapping settings).

Network Rendering Settings

Network Rendering settings can be set in the advanced render settings.

New Material Presets

New to the SkIndigo preset library are clay, wax, and orange juice.

New Subdivision Settings

New settings for subdivision include View Dependent and Curvature Threshold

Support for Surface Color (Absorption Layer Transmittance)

Surface Color can now be applied to Specular and Glossy Transparent materials. This can be used to simulate stained glass windows, and skin blemishes for example.

Support for Preview Thumbnails on Mac

Preview renders are now launched in the background and preview thumbnails are now fully supported on Mac.

Support for Back Face Export

In previous SkIndigo versions, backface materials were completely ignored. Now, if a face has a back face material applied and no front face material applied, the back face material will be exported and rendered. However, be cautious when using this feature especially when rendering Specular and Glossy Transparent materials where face normals are more critical. It is still generally recommended to apply all materials to the front face.

Scene Tab Object Animation Support

Scene Tab Object Animations created with 3rd party SketchUp plugins such as 'Proper Animation' and 'SUAnimate' are now fully supported. The only caveat is that you must 'Enable Instancing' (using the right-click context menu) for each object you wish to animate. Remember that you can select a group of objects and enable instancing for all of them at the same time.

Automatically Check for SkIndigo Updates

SkIndigo will now check for updates online automatically.

Recalibrated Background Color Gain

Background color brightness was previously not calibrated properly and resulted in unbalanced lighting situations, especially when using Camera Tonemapping. This should now be fixed.

Critical Bug-Fix (Windows)

A bug exists in SkIndigo 2.0.12 that would prevent saving of the SKP file after a scene was exported and Indigo was still running. The SKP file would also not properly close. This bug has now been fixed.

Many other bug-fixes and usability improvements

For the complete history of changes, open up 'skindigo.rb' in any text editor.