Indigo 4.2
Even faster GPU rendering. Now with Render Channels.
Interior by pavoda

Glare Technologies is proud to announce a major step forward in rendering performance and workflow with the production ready Indigo 4.2.

What's new?

Render Channels

Render channels (AOVs) allow saving of all kinds of information, supporting new compositing workflows and tweaking of a render. Indigo can now output more than 17 different types of render channels, including direct diffuse, indirect diffuse, specular reflection, refraction, transmission, emission, SSS, participating media, normals, position, depth, material id, object id, foreground, and material and object masks.
Render channels can be rendered at lightning speed using your GPU(s) or your CPU.
Render channels are not available in Indigo RT.
Read more about render channels.

Lal-O - Room

Michel de Vries

GPU rendering speedups

Indigo now starts rendering as fast as possible, but keeps optimising in the background, and then switches to an acceleration structure that gives the fastest possible rendering.
We have also added an optimisation for faster rendering if the scene can be made to render without instancing - while we support instancing on the GPU (instancing is the duplication of objects in a scene without much increase in memory usage), if the scene can be rendered without instancing we can get big speedups. These two optimisations result in rendering speeds up to 70% faster!

CPU rendering improvements

We now have much smarter sampling of emitters when many emitters are present in a scene, resulting in much less noise in some cases.
Environment map sampling is also now more efficient.

Arthur Liebnau - iAxe

New EXR compression method

We have added support for the DWAB OpenEXR compression method, which is a highly compressing, lossy (like JPEG) compression method.
DWAB compression allows saving high-dynamic range EXR files from Indigo that are up to 30x smaller in size than before.

Updated plugins

We have added support for Cinema 4D R20, 3ds Max 2019, Revit 2019, and SketchUp 2019.
All our plugins have been updated to support the new render channels and other features in this release.

Pikadili89 - Interior

Originalplan - Bearbrick, Hola Lou edit

Other improvements

Indigo 4.2 packs in many other improvements, most prominently the improved robustness and speed of motion blur, fixes and additions to the Indigo Shader Language (ISL), improved support for Linux, as well as many small bugfixes.

Coming in Indigo 4.4

We have some great new features already being tested, that will be available with Indigo 4.4.
Indigo 4.4 is a free upgrade for Indigo 4.0 and 4.2 customers!


Indigo 4.4 comes with a powerful integrated denoiser, that removes visible noise from your renders.
This feature can slash render times!
Read more about denoising

Arthur Liebnau - iAxe

Bucket Rendering

In Indigo 4.4 we have added CPU bucket rendering. While helpful for denoising, bucket rendering also speeds up CPU rendering by 15%-100%.

Texture compression

With texture compression, your textures can be compressed to just 1/6th their previous size. This allows larger scenes to fit into your CPU and GPU memory.

bubs - Architecture

Cinema 4D IPR enhancements

The updated C4D plugin now supports R21 on all platforms. Bringing blazing fast speeds to your scenes with the interactive preview renderer - experience a realtime preview of your animations and scenes! Enjoy the integrated viewport IPR and get live updates while you are building your scene. Even faster build time in GPU or CPU mode, realtime camera, lighting, material and mesh feedback and many more optimizations and bug fixes.

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