random noise seed // temporal MLT mode?

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random noise seed // temporal MLT mode?

Post by tokyomegaplex » Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:32 am

hi! ive been toying with the indigo demo and loving it.


is it possible to turn off the random noise seed for each frame? i cant find it in the render settings. i have some theories that this could possibly help me with some random noisy colors in my dispersion tests and just wanna try it out.

otherwise im pretty fascinated by the mlt mode as a whole and really like it. id love to know a little more about the advanced settings like the large mutation prob etc. it seems hard to find in the documentation but maybe i havent looked hard enough.

finally id be super curious to know if there is any possibility of adding some kind of temporal based mlt sampling? like if one frame could use the knowledge of the previous frame to make guesses about where to shoot the rays. maybe it already does this but im guessing not. i feel like it would produce really interesting results, i'm mainly interested in animation and have been doing some tests although it does seem pretty impractical for production (outside maybe a jewlery commercial or something).

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Re: random noise seed // temporal MLT mode?

Post by Zom-B » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:46 pm

hey tokyomegaplex,

welcome to Indigo, nice to hear that you like what you see :)

Regarding the seed (for an animation) the exporter should write a IGQ file where the single frames IGS files are linked in.
Inside this file the seed can be defined, same as halt parameters:

Code: Select all

Regarding the "sampling memory for animations" you mentioned this indeed would be a great enhancements to animation rendering. I requested this already 5 years ago and in my understanding some information of BiDir and (in Indigo not available) Photon mapping should be cacheable and reusable.
Since nowadays excessive RAM amounts in PCs are more common this is maybe something to think about again. I'd love to see my 128GB of System Memory getting filled up if I could speed up animations by that :D

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