Animation rendering - first frame always brighter - bug ?

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Animation rendering - first frame always brighter - bug ?

Post by dr_zepsuj » Sat May 19, 2018 12:24 am

Hi !

I am having a strange issue with Indigo 4.2.14 (used with 3d Studio Max 2018)
I am using image based lighting. When I start rendering a sequence, the first frame will always be brighter that the remaining frames. If I don't finish the job and start rendering from the middle, again, the first frame rendered will be brighter :shock: If I want to split the job and render it over several nights, I will end up with several brighter frames :lol: I know I can render an extra frame every time I restart, but its just an extra pain to do this ;)
I am wondering if anyone is having similar issues and if there is a solution.

Best regards,,

If its not broken - take it apart and fix it ! ;)

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Re: Animation rendering - first frame always brighter - bug ?

Post by zeitmeister » Tue May 22, 2018 2:51 am

Hi Martin, didn’t recognize that yet... and done several animation jobs. Strange! No idea how that can happen.
Do you have exact the same values for tonemapping, camera settings and lightsources in every IGS file?
You don’t render with Reinhard tonemapping?
Do you render the sequence in 3dsmax or Indigo GUI via IGQ?
Cheers, David

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